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Methods to Self-Study

By Ava Kesler

If you have to self-study, you may be preparing for an AP exam without taking the class at school, or you might just not have the best teacher. Either way, if you find yourself having to take on a significant amount of responsibility regarding your studies, here's the go-to guide on how to do it.

Get a Prep Book

While prep books are meant to be used as review material at the end of the year, they are also extremely useful studyguides that can provide guidance throughout the year. They often include many useful diagrams and short summaries that help put everything into perspective. This is helpful when you are getting concepts confused.

Go to YouTube

One reason that we are more successful when in a classroom environment is because we benefit from the social aspect of learning. To recreate this, try finding a YouTube channel that explains the topic you are studying. This will take time as you may prefer different video styles over others, but ultimately they will help provide diversity of perspective from reading constantly.

Keep Notes

Even if you're not a note-taker in class, you have to keep notes if you're self studying. Active engagement in a classroom is easier since you are more verbally involved, making eye-contact, and socially alert. To keep your mind actively engaged as you self-study, it's best to actively take notes. Process the information in your own words and keep detailed notes.


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