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About MyMindsMap

Hello everyone, my name is Ava, and I am a high schooler from Florida, US. My life may seem perfect and easy- good grades, friends, sports- but it hasn't always felt that way.

I have often come to the Internet for guidance, whether that be general life advice or studying tips. Despite this, I never had just one website that I could always depend on. It was always a frantic search online to find the exact type of article I was looking for.

When COVID hit, this issue became even more prominent to me. Experiencing the shocking isolation, such as the unexpected online school,  I, like many others, was feeling lost.

That's when I came up with MyMindsMap. I decided to actually become that resource that I had so long craved for.

On MyMindsMap, I connect the worldwide community of high school and college aged students by sharing advice and tips centered around motivation, productivity, time management, and relationships on the blog page. In this way, I am able to provide others with that "older sister or brother they never had." My articles always come from my own personal experience, providing realistic, relatable stories and advice that always have something from which readers can grow as people.

However, my life is not a model life of growth and success in any way. That's why I expand the blog to anyone worldwide. Anyone who has something beneficial to share can submit their article to me, and after editing and reviewing, I then publish it on the blog. This allows people to have access to a wider diversity of experiences, conveyed in a similar familiar and relatable tone.

MyMindsMap has become a window for me to the world. I find incredible joy in writing for others like me, and it is a never-ending process of growth and exploration. 

I hope that everyone can find similar contentment from reading the blog.

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