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3 Simple Steps to Self-Pace

By Ava Kesler

The most noteworthy challenge that accompanies the transition to high school is adjusting to completing long-term assignments amidst the plentiful small assignments at the same time. The key to mastering this balancing act is through establishing set ways to self-pace yourself.

1. Use a Planner

A planner is the most basic and helpful way to manage your time. At the very least, you should maintain your planner. Write down all your assignments, tests, and after school assignments. This will create a visual of what you have to do.

2. Make a set time for homework

Based on your extracurriculars, you may only have certain time intervals to work on your homework. Being aware of this time is crucial. If you stay aware of the time of day you want to complete homework, it will become second nature to do so. This takes away the feeling of being forced to complete assignments.

3. Make a Homework Plan

A homework plan is simply a layout of what assignments you will do each night. If you only focus on what was assigned that day, you will never be able to finish everything in a stress-free way. The ideal homework plan is one that fits your class schedule. For example, you can spend X hours on what's due the next day, Y hours on what is due in a week, and Z hours on independent studying. Ultimately, trial and error will help you determine what these values should be.


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