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How to Organize Your Backpack

By Ava Kesler

Having an organized backpack is essential for a successful year. Obviously, you need to know where everything is so you don't lose any papers, but you also want to have an enjoyable environment. Your backpack has to be you. It must make you want to study. Here are 3 main organizational systems for your backpack this school year.

Organizational Systems:

One Binder

- one binder for all subjects

- dividers for each subject

- usually 1.5-2" is a good size

*tip: often my binder will get too big to hold all my subjects. Instead, after a test in a class, I empty that chapter and keep it in a filing folder at home. This way all the class notes are still in one place, but you're not lugging around extra weight at school.

Binder for Each Subject

- each subject gets its own binder

- this can get really crowded in your backpack, so you might want to make each binder smaller, closer to 0.5"

Folder for Each Subject

- you can put papers in the prongs or the pockets

- usually a folder is too small to keep papers for a more intense class


- better for classes that don't give a lot of handouts

- good if you need all the previous chapters with you all the time


- try any of these strategies together

*example: binder for math, notebook for english, 1 binder for all the rest


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