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How to Get Back into the Groove of Studying

By Ava Kesler

As many of us are beginning the school year now, we are faced with the dilemma of getting "back in shape." Routines have likely dissipated over the summer, and now we need them more than ever. If you're finding yourself stressed as the school year is only just starting, then keep reading to find out my tips for refocusing the mind on school.

Get a Planner

You really need a planner all the time, but especially at the start of the school year. You're still getting used to your classes and what kind of assignments you have, so it's impossible to be efficient at remembering all you have to do.

Get a planner and use it!

Keeping an organized list of what you have to do, instead of repetitive thoughts running through your head of how much you have to do, is a more positive and healthy way to start the school year.

Make Some Goals

You gotta have goals in life. It's the only way to keep pushing forward. Whether you write them down or have them in the back of your head, always have some goals that you are working towards in general.

Since you're transitioning out of summer, start thinking about what you want to accomplish this academic year. Make goals for higher grades, mindsets, maintaining organizational skills, and going to bed on time.

Goals such as these are a great way to get back into the study mindset.

Make a Routine

To do well in school, it takes discipline and routine. This is especially difficult to achieve when you just had a long summer break. Make a written out schedule of what you need to accomplish each day and week.

Plan to fit in any clubs, sports, extracurriculars into your schedule. This way you have a sense of consistency with all you have to do, so soon things start becoming a habit.


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