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Important Study Habits to Develop Now

By Ava Kesler

At the beginning of the school year, we are filled with a wave of inspiration and readiness. Challenges seem less demeaning as we are entering a sense of newness. But as we get comfortable in our new classes and schedules, it is important that we consciously work towards developing proper study habits. Habits are only made through repetition, and the best time to start that is now. Here are some of the most important study habits to work towards this year.

Go to Bed Early

Honestly, just make a bedtime. Seriously. Every day remind yourself that you're going to be in bed by a certain time. Make this personalized. Choose a time that works best for you, whether that's early or late. There are plenty of apps to help with maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, but at its most simple level, just decide for yourself how you want to maintain your schedule.

Create a Designated Study Time

In school, we are able to go for so long in an academic atmosphere because we have been trained since we could talk to follow a structure to the day. Now, spending 7 hours at school seems like nothing compared to when you were in pre-K passing out at nap-time in a shorter day.

When you get home from school, you need to know what's next. Here's how to figure out how to make your schedule:

  1. Take a night and do all the homework you have been assigned, no matter when it's due. Any assignment at all that you know about, get it done. Time yourself and note this number.

  2. Take a different night and do all the homework you were assigned just that day that is actually due the next day. This is "essential homework."

  3. Determine the number of hours that you spend each night with extracurriculars. Keep this in the back of your mind.

I suggest taking all of the time for your "essential homework," and a slight portion of the general homework, 30 minutes is usually enough. This is to avoid having a huge amount of work to do the night before.

Through trial and error, you can decide your ideal time slot for homework. Having a solid study time habit will allow for much more productive and efficient studying.

Create a Study Space

When we enter school, we automatically enter the mindset of learning. The environment is responsible for this click. The same thing is equally important at home. Finding a room, table, or even a cafe to consistently study at is crucial. Over time, when you repeatedly study in the same space, you will automatically begin studying in the future. The hardest part of studying is getting started, and having a consistent study space will help with this.


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