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I Don't Like That Class

By Ava Kesler

The class began just fine. It was the beginning of the year, and everything felt fresh and exciting. The subject material was easy, interesting even. The first test in the class went well, until you saw the grade.

Suddenly the class becomes the bane of your existence. Everything about it irritates you. The teacher, your seat in the class, the textbook, your pencil- it all just seems pointless.

This is a common phenomenon that occurs among students around this time of year.

Don't let it happen to you.

The subject may be unpleasant, and there will be classes you would prefer to study for instead. But when life becomes difficult, you can't always afford to just stop trying.

To persevere, you've gotta have the mindset and the habits.

  1. Find a solution

If the study habits you have don't work for this class, try changing it up. Maybe you were just less interested in the topic and put less effort in taking notes. Maybe the textbook just isn't making sense. Look for solutions such as finding a tutor, getting an extra practice workbook online, or watching review videos from other sources.

2. Remember your goal

Whether it is to go on to pursue the subject in college or to get a certain grade in the class, remember your goal. You have to take certain steps to reach your goal, and the time to start is now.

3. Imagine Success

Imagine the moment when you finally make that high grade on a test in the class. That moment will be the most gratifying self-justifying moment there is. It will be worth the work you put in. Ultimately, it will teach you that you can overcome obstacles. When more impactful issues come up, you will have this memory of perseverance to give you the motivation and power to overcome them.

Remind yourself that you are capable. Do not accept defeat.


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