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What I Wish I Knew Before High School

By Ava Kesler

High school is a really big deal. It's your first step into the almost real world. You start getting bigger responsibilities, and every choice you make in your academics will impact your future significantly.

Naturally, it's easy to make mistakes along the way. So here's a list of the main things I wish I had known before high school.

1. You Need a Friend Group

I had heard that your friends will change from freshman year, so I figured it didn't really matter until later. While this does have some truth to it, you really need to find your crowd soon.

The nature of high school is that you must have a group. There's gotta be those 4-10 people that you just stick with.

There are so many new events that high school introduces, and as you gain independence to attend these things alone and to drive yourself there, you end up needing some people you can rely on hanging out with.

2. Make a Plan for College NOW

I know it's just freshman year. BUT your college applications will contain things you have done since the very first day you enter high school. One thing that colleges really admire is consistency and dedication, and the only way to show that is by starting something big from the very beginning.

Take your time to plan out what classes you want to take all the way through senior year. Oftentimes you need certain classes as prerequisites, and you don't want to be unable to take a high level class because you didn't take that one class in freshman year.

3. Don't Sweat It: Upperclassmen are Overdramatic by Nature

I used to hear all kinds of horror stories by the upperclassmen about how hard school was. They would really psyche me out as a little freshie.

The thing about upperclassmen talking to a freshman is that they feel superior to you by their age. Their sheer 3 years of elderliness makes them feel like they have truly achieved what you cannot even dream of yet. Because of this, they carry a slight complex that makes them want to make their life seem more difficult than it really is. They want you to feel so overwhelmed by how superior they are, that you just automatically respect them.

4. Join a Bunch of Clubs

Your high school years are all about service. And school offers the easiest way to get involved through clubs. I used to be so confused about clubs. And the truth is they're all different. Some will be super strict and keep track of attendance. Some will be the complete opposite.

As a freshman, you have the chance to try a bit of everything. You have to take the time to test the waters. Attending one meeting does not obligate you to become a member. It's a good idea to just get out there and see what everything is like before you get truly invested in your favorite clubs.


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