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How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Wishlist

By Ava Kesler

With the holidays coming up, excitement for presents is a natural feeling. While it may seem selfish to make a holiday wishlist, there are several reasons why it's actually a good thing. It makes it easier for your loved ones to get you a present, it avoids miscommunications, it prevents any disappointments when opening the present, and it's super fun.

First decide what you actually need. Obviously.

Then move on to luxuries. You should have a justifiable reason to have each item. Not just because it's fancy.

There are plenty of ways to look for inspiration. "What I Got For Christmas" videos are a great way to start. Simply googling "What Should I Ask For For Christmas" or "What to Get (someone of your background like "teen girl") For Christmas" will give you endless ideas of gifts to ask for.

Some starting points are:

  1. stationary for school

  2. room decor

  3. gift card

  4. makeup

  5. electronics

  6. clothing

  7. spa items

  8. books

  9. room decor

  10. self-care items

Then just list what you want, include a picture, brand, name, - any specifics you can, and include a reason of why you want it and how you will use it.


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