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Organization is Key

By Ava Kesler

Organization is truly the key to anything. Whether it's organization of your workspace or of your thoughts, keeping things in an orderly manner will help you achieve all your goals.

10 Easy Steps to Stay Organized:

  1. Have a day once a week where you take a moment to deep clean and organize, throwing away things you no longer need and produce clutter.

  2. Put everything away immediately after use.

  3. Get in the habit of keeping things organized even as you use them.

  4. Always have a trashcan in the room nearby.

  5. Keep a planner.

  6. Put reminders on your phone.

  7. Give yourself rewards for staying organized.

  8. Give every item a "right spot."

  9. Use containers, dividers, labels, and boxes to store things neatly.

  10. Enjoy working in an organized environment.


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