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The Real Reason Why We Don't Get What We Want Done

By Ava Kesler

You're trying to write a paper that's due at midnight. You're sitting at your computer after dinner, and it's just so noisy downstairs that you can't help but listen in to the conversations. Then your phone lights up, and what was supposed to be a quick response to a text became a 2 hour social media check. When you finally get back on the laptop, you realize you can't find your favorite pen, and without it you can't work. Stumped, you stare at the screen feeling a bit lost when suddenly a notification comes up, and now you're going down that rabbit hole.

Sure, your phone, outside noises, a messy desk, and desktop notifications are all valid distractions from our work. There's no doubt about that.

The common solution to this issue oftentimes is to simply put the distractions away, or somehow block them from us. Turning off your phone or putting it in another room, silencing notifications, cleaning your desk, finding a quiet study space- these are all valid and useful habits to have that will help you finish your work.

However, the real reason why it feels like the world is pulling you away from that assignment is you.

That's right, you are the only thing holding yourself back.

If you really want that goal, you will get it. You will deal with whatever obstacles life throws at you, and you will find a way. It is a deep passion and desire that gets you where you want to go. Doubts, concerns, and hesitation are all going to push you back, dimming your true desire.

When you have passion to fire you up, the distractions will all come second to your goal.

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