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Follow Your Dreams

Updated: May 29, 2022

By Ava Kesler

The topic of following your dreams is one that has been covered countless times. Even in finding this article, you probably encountered thousands more, and by some lucky chance, chose this one.

Well, hopefully I can make this article a little more unique, and help you see the value and possibility of following your dreams in a new light.

I will start by explaining who I am. My name is Ava, I am a high schooler in the US, and while I am in the top of my class and school always came easily to me, I have a surprisingly high number of moments of conflict I could rant about. I have had my fair share of mental health struggles, finding it difficult to see happiness where I should. While any of my friends would without a doubt call me the most positive person of the group, I can guarantee you that positive outlook I have not always held to my own life.

I have come to the Internet countless times for help and guidance. While there are certainly good resources out there, which I will make an article on later, I have not found the truly dependable source that could provide school and emotional advice all in one. When Covid hit, this became especially apparent. Left to the disastrous online school that so many of us students had to experience, I never felt more alone and lost.

It then occurred to me that I could be that resource. I could literally make a website and help other people. And that is when MyMindsMap was born.

MyMindsMap is a concept that is still relatively new, at least to me. While most study blogs focus on the journey of a single student or group of students, MyMindsMap takes a more holistic approach.

We have advice here from students literally all over the world, spanning the US to Morocco to Singapore and India and the UK. Articles range from an exploration of personal development after a difficult experience to a simple step by step guide to reaching one's goals.

The diversity of viewpoints and writing styles that MyMindsMap offers is unmatched, and is a unique and wonderful thing.

Oftentimes articles online are just mass-produced, in a sense. Written by people whose job it is to manage the websites, these articles often lack that human quality. In contrast, not only do readers get advice from MyMindsMap, but they also get truly genuine and meaningful tips. To one of our writers here, creating an article may be a once in a lifetime experience. This allows for a more meaningful process, and leads to more heartfelt article writing. In addition, the casualness of being a non profit organization allows for freedom for exploration and pure advice.

If someone had told me 2 years ago that I would be managing a worldwide student support system from my laptop, I never in a million years would have believed them. Yet here I am.

Even as this idea came to me in April 2020, I had so many doubts and uncertainties that kept pushing me back. I kept thinking that the idea was too strange or that such a website was unnecessary. I worried how I would find time to manage it and whether people would actually want to read or write for it.

All of these are logical and legitimate concerns. However, they should not have pushed me back. Even now, as I consider the future of MyMindsMap, I am overwhelmed with questions and wonders. But let us learn to embrace it.

I want everyone to get from my story the truly amazing results that can happen when we follow our dreams. I had this vision and I followed through, and take it from me when I say that when I am managing MyMindsMap I am truly feeling one of my happiest.

Interacting with you readers through Instagram and reading your article submissions is one of the most inspiring things I ever do. And I can say from first hand experience that while article writing is no easy feat, the chance it gives me to self-reflection is unmatched. Almost like diary writing, it provides the opportunity to critically consider difficult points in life and how to overcome them.

The messages of appreciation I have gotten from you all is so touching, and I have loved every second of creating and maintaining MyMindsMap and seeing you all benefit from it, so maybe I'm a little biased, but following your dreams really is a great thing.

If you have an idea, however small or simple, take that first step to see it through. It doesn't have to be some Earth shattering principle. MyMindsMap certainly isn't. But it is something, no one can deny that.

So go out there and stop being afraid. Our ancestors have done it countless times allowing us to be where we are today in humanity's journey, and we are continuing to innovate today. So take that step towards your dreams. Research that college, choose a major, talk to that person, create that business, whatever it may be in your personal journey that you need to do, go do it. Because let me tell you, time is only passing us, and so we might as well start working on whatever inspires us next.


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