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How to Make Your Space Positive and Ready for the Holidays

By Ava Kesler

When the holidays approach, our mind fills with the aesthetic decorations that brighten up the room. Associated with the perfect holiday movies and memories are these decorations. As a result, simply seeing these decorations is enough to promote a happier environment. Plus they're super cute.


No matter what season it is, an organized space is essential. First, empty out all containers you have. Then, sort the items into piles: trash, keep, move. You should end up having a huge bag of trash/things you don't use anymore by the end of the process.


Vacuum, wipe down dust, sweep, all the good stuff. This is just a part of the organization process. Unfortunately, you can't avoid it.

Pick an Aesthetic

Unless you already know how you want to decorate, head over to Pinterest and find some holiday themes that you like. Having inspiration helps you conquer the biggest hurdle: getting started.

Find Decor

You might have to do some shopping if you're going for a special aesthetic, but for the most part, you can DIY it or get some unused family decorations. Situate them around your room, and enjoy the aesthetic!


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