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The Truth Behind Red Flags

By Ava Kesler

If the thought that it's a red flag even occurs to you, then it's legit. It's a red flag.

You can find tons of articles listing red flags and how to interpret them, and I definitely suggest doing so. But oftentimes we question ourselves and find so many excuses to avoid the ugly truth.

Here's the thing. If you're suspecting anything is fishy, there's a valid reason. Whether it's deserved to consider it a serious problem or not, if you feel unhappy, that's all that matters. That's what makes it a serious problem.

Act upon red flags because you feel like there is a concerning situation in a relationship, not because some website or person tells you it's a legit concern. There are so many different factors that go into each individual situation and each source of consultation you may seek. Understand the general things that are considered red flags, but remember that it is ultimately up to you to act on it.

Any red flag that disturbs you is a serious reason for action. Talk to the person who gave you the red flag and address the issue. If it repeats then consider more drastic action.

The important thing is to not let self doubt prevent you from processing red flags.


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