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Prom: What Every Girl Wants

By Ava Kesler

So, you want to take a girl to prom. But what if she says no?? What if she doesn't like you? What if she doesn't even want to go to prom? What if she already has a date? Maybe you guys don't talk enough for it to even make sense to ask her? What if she takes it the wrong way and wants to immediately start dating and you don't? Or what if she doesn't realize that you want this to be the beginning of your relationship?

I get it. I gotchu.

Coming from a girl, with a whole lotta baggage, I can tell you exactly everything you need to know about how to get the girl and make her happy at prom.

1. She want you to ask her upfront

What if she says no?

Well, if she says no, then you guys aren't going together, obviously. But the real reason guys don't want rejection is because they are embarrassed and their pride is hurt.

Here's the thing, I have rejected this one guy who really liked me, but I told him we should only be friends. Now, the guy was very sad, but my opinion of him only rose. I was flattered that he liked me. So even if she does reject you, know that she won't think any less of you just because you asked her.

Girls like guys who take the first step. It makes our lives so much easier. So honestly, if you play games and beat around the bush of prom, a girl will think less of you than if you just asked her flat out, even if she didn't want to go with you anyway.

Now, in front of the homies, I can't say. I'm not one of the boys after all. But I can say that if you were to get a girl, the homies would be jealous, and if you were not to get one, they would make fun of you, so honestly, I don't see a way you can win in that aspect.

Focus on your goals. If you want her, go for her. Rejection or not, at least you will have tried. It's not fun to deal with regret later on.

2. She wants you to be a gentleman

I know it's a new day and age, and we are seeing more and more girl power.

But think about what we grew up with. Disney movies have all shown us the real men. Prince Charming travelled the whole country dealing with feet to find his Cinderella. Prince Phillip fought off a spooky green dragon to have Aurora. And don't even get me started on all the early 2000s teen movies.

So boys, competition is high.

Be a gentleman. No matter how cool you think you are, it's not ok to just ignore her or flirt with other girls because you two are going as friends only.

Get her a corsage, match your tie to her dress, open the door for her, hold her hand when you walk, stand by her side, be polite to her and her parents.

Prom is about as regal as we get. We want to see you being a real gentleman.

If this is too much to ask, then don't get a date to prom.

I guarantee if you don't do the aforementioned, it doesn't matter how crazy she was about you when you asked her to go, her confidence in you will falter.

Every girl expects these things at prom. Promposals and dinner and parties all varies on the type of people you go with, but one thing that stays the same no matter what is simple cordiality.

3. She wants you to treat her special

Now, every girl will have different baggage you will have to deal with. But if you got all the way to the point of asking her to go with you, then certainly you've got to have an idea as to what she wants or what she's like (I hope so anyway).

If this was advice for a girl, I'd probably say to keep your expectations low.

Please don't make the girl be glad she followed that advice.

In other words, no matter how lazy or whatever you may be, try to make an effort for prom.

In one way or another, prom is a really huge deal for every girl no matter her baggage, and if you can figure out a way to show her that you really care about her, and you are happy you went with her, that would be great.

This is could really be as simple as staying with her longer than every one else, for example when you drop her off.

Just that extra little effort that shows you like her will go a long way.


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