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Dealing with Summer Heartbreak

By Ava Kesler

Broken hearts are never easy. But the free time of summer makes them even harder. Summer should be for fun and happiness, yet a broken heart makes the sunny skies seem insulting.

There is no fast way to fix a heartbreak, especially a summer one. But here are some steps you can follow that could help ease the pain.

Stay busy

Have something to do. Occupy yourself with some kind of goal. This is extremely important for keeping yourself in a good mood. Not only will this provide your mind with something else to think about, but it will also show you how you still have a life even without that person in your life.

Work on that summer body

Yes, eat ice cream. It actually helps. But especially with summer, body image is extremely important. Working on your summer body is a great way to make a big comeback that is also healthy, as well as providing an opportunity for yourself to focus stay busy.

Write our your thoughts and feelings

After a breakup, you go through so many emotions. They flood you all at once, and it's hard to differentiate between what you really think and what your emotions are making you think. Starting a diary or journal is a great way to put your thoughts to paper. When doing this, you naturally sort through everything going through your head. This prevents the thoughts from overwhelming you. You can see the situation from a more third person perspective as you read over what you wrote, helping you better process the situation.


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