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Left on read

By Ava Kesler

So, ya'll are snapping. Things are going great. You two are actually talking and having a conversation.

Then, it just stops.

Like a smack in the face the snaps just stop coming.

You check snapchat only to find, to your horror, that you have been left on read for 1 hour.

1 whole hour. Nothing.

What does it mean?

(for the sake of simplicity, I will refer to the person who left you on read as he/him)

Logic it out

Context is everything. Take a second to evaluate how likely it is he is busy. Decide for yourself if it is logical for him not to answer.

For example, was he about to go to work, go on a plane, or go to a friend's house?

If you can think of no reason for him to leave you on read, proceed to the next step.

How serious is it

Has he done it before? Think how common it is for him to leave you on read. Try to make connections as to what you were talking about this time and before that could lead him to not want to answer.

Does it bother you

Well, you're reading this article so it probably does bother you.

This is the most important step.

You need to decide how much it means to you. If you're on the verge of tears, reading your 50th article in a row about being left on read, and noticing a decrease in your motivation, then yes it bothers you.

Is it worth it

Once again, you have to reach deep inside yourself and see if it really means that much for you to talk to him.

There could be a million reasons he's not answering, and the most daunting one is that he doesn't like you anymore.

And that could honestly be fine. If something as simple as snapchat is causing you this much distress, then it's not worth it. You deserve to be happy, that's just a natural right. If someone takes this happiness away from you, then it doesn't make sense for you to keep dealing with that person.


A polite and healthy confrontation is always a good idea. Things can get pretty messy, so first taking the time to politely inquire as to why you were left on read will help you in the future.

It teaches you how to responsibly deal with conflict, and it shows that you are willing to discuss any issues between you two responsibly.

Simply ask him, "hey I feel like you haven't been texting me as much lately and I wanted to make sure everything was ok."

That is all the attempt you need to make. Anything more and you are just lowering your self respect.


Next you need to evaluate how much you accept his response. Don't let your heart take over. Really think about it. If it happened once, it's going to happen again.

Take some time to decide what you need and if you want to keep snapping etc.

Remember, your value is not defined by whether or not someone responds to your snap or your message. Proper social etiquette is something that is a result of intelligence, upbringing, and goodness of the heart. If anyone is making you upset by not answering, then follow these steps and decide if it's worth it. No matter what happens, you deserve to be happy.


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