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The Feynman Technique for Improved Studying

By Ava Kesler

The Feynman technique consists of four steps that serve as a go-to model for studying. Following these steps can help you maintain good grades consistently.


The first step is to study like you normally would. Get familiar with the material. You don't have to memorize it yet, but definitely know the main ideas of the topic.


Next teach the topic to a friend. This will encourage you to think actively about the topic using its vocabulary. Questions your friend may ask can also help you find what topics you're not comfortable with yet.

Fill the Gaps

Using the feedback you got from teaching the topic to others, go back and study what you are less efficient at. Try to really spend a lot of time here. Go over the material and try various study techniques to get the material down.


Simplify the material through a short and sweet summary.


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