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That Bikini Body

By Ava Kesler

It's summer, and that means bikini body.

Our culture with Instagram has instilled in us that we must get super hot pictures in bikinis at the beach. Every day for the next several months we will only see these kinds of posts.

When this happens we feel the urge to fit in, and make our own posts. The problem is that our self esteem does not let us.

We take one picture casually while tanning, and expect it to immediately look like all the influencer's pictures.

This is completely unrealistic.

Those pictures undergo hours and hours of editing, working on the colors, alterations, and more.

It is possible to make your pictures look similar, but nothing can change what we see in the mirror, and this is where the problem lies.

The bikini body doesn't exist.

If you're trying to look like a person who has had so much editing done to their picture, then how does it make any sense that this body really does exist.

There are plenty of things you could do to try to achieve the tan skinny body.

But why would you?

What matters most is that you are healthy and happy.

If you are healthy, happiness will follow.

I encourage working out and eating well, but not if it is to look a certain way.

Confidence is the highest level of beauty. If you carry with you a confident and happy energy, then you have achieved the closest thing to a bikini body that exists in real life.


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