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How to Organize a Get Together this Summer

By Ava Kesler

If you're looking to have an organized get together with friends, you've gotta put some serious planning into it. It's not as easy as just asking people if they wanna hang out. Here is a list of steps that will never fail.

It may seem obvious how to organize a get together, but when dealing with many people especially, it is actually a lot more difficult to coordinate everything.

1. Decide on an activity

This could be going to a cafe, amusement park, beach, or movies for example.

2. Choose a friend group

If you already have a close knit group, then this is perfect. Otherwise consider who you'd like to hangout with and reach out to them.

Make the most of summer by reaching outside your comfort zone and making new friends. It never hurts to have more exposure to different kinds of people at least.

3. Decide on the what and the where

At least have an approximate idea of what you want to do and when. You could ask your group, but if you're the one suggesting the get together, then it is best to already have an idea of what you'd like to do. Most people will be too shy to suggest anything.

4. Make a group chat

If you know for sure who you're group is, then make a group chat. This will decrease the likelihood that everyone will answer, but it will ease communication and keep everyone on the same page.

5. Send the message

Next just write a paragraph or just a sentence (depending on what kind of messages you usually send) suggesting your idea. It will be difficult to make sure that everyone can go, but try to lead the discussion and organization and it will go by more efficiently.


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