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Passion Project

By Ava Kesler

What's a passion project?

A passion project is any community-centered organization or goal that you feel passionate about and work towards. It typically will stem from a topic that you feel strongly about and want to improve in some way.

Why have one?

It is incredible how much you can do for others when you are really passionate about the cause. Many of us think we are too young or insignificant to make that much of a difference, but creating a passion project is the perfect way to make that difference you want to see. Essentially, you should have one because you want to see its end result help others in some way.

How do I start one?

The first step to starting a passion project is to decide what you're passionate about. This can be anything that you would call a hobby of yours. Then, identify a weakness in that passion that you can help with. This should ultimately help others enjoy this passion too.

How do I maintain my project?

Maintaining your project is simply a matter of being motivated, something you can read about more on this blog. Being able to problem solve is also an important skill as your project grows. If you are eventually unable to continue the project for whatever reason, try to find someone in your community who also relates to this passion and who could continue the project in your absence so that the community continues to benefit from it.


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