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How to Make Your Own Spotify Playlist

By Ava Kesler

Spotify playlists used to always get to me. I was never able to make my own truly "me" playlist. Other playlists were ok, but oftentimes I never enjoyed the premade "pop music" generic playlists.

Now, I've come to a point where I can safely say that I can make my own playlists, and I'll share with you the tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Playlists are easiest to make when you are in an emotional spiral. When you are really feeling yourself, turn on Spotify and let the tunes go.

A good starting point is with a generic playlist. Skip around and start adding songs that resonate with you in that moment. Spotify's algorithm will start picking up the vibes and will start reccommending similar songs to you.

When this happens, things get much smoother.

Spotify will create custom playlists for you, and sometimes I will save these just how they are. Other times I add my favorites to my own original playlist that I build up over time.

The thing to note is, pre-made playlists are always so much more aesthetic because they were created by a computer. Our personal playlists tend to be much less organized because of how our emotions interfere.

If you're going for an emotional rollercoaster kind of time, then definitely listen to a custom playlist.

Music can totally make or break your mood, but just give it a try and see where it takes you.


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