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Caring for Your Flame: How to Deal with Change and Covid

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By: Ava Kesler

Here is how to deal with whatever life throws at you by looking at yourself for support, and nothing else!

What's Changed

COVID-19 has changed the lives of billions across the globe. We all know how, the social-distancing and virtual school etc., but we each have our own personal experience with these changes.

This is not a summary of what those changes are. We are all clearly aware of them.

This is how to deal with changes, whatever they may be, by learning to look to yourself for happiness, and not others.

Appreciating Change

Change is hard to deal with.

No doubt about that.

But hard does not mean impossible.

Hard does not equate to unimportant.

Hard things in life are what give us our character. We are a simple innocent baby until we begin to take on the difficulties and responsibilities of life, slowly molding into a strong and sharp adult.

This whole situation with COVID-19 is probably the most intense change most of us have faced and ever will face in our lives, but that doesn't make all of the other changes any less significant.

A rescheduling of plans, a new house, even a new hairstyle, are all difficult to deal with in their own unique ways. But without them, every day would be exactly the same . . . and that would be so boring!

We need these changes to grow and evolve as people, to find appreciation for the things we do have in life when we have them.

Looking Past the Change the Change Itself

When the seasons transition from summer to fall, do we just stop living because it's too cold to go outside anymore?

No way!!

We look to new things we can do indoors, such as crafts, reading, or baking.

Sure, fall means school which, for most, means less fun time, but we can't just sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.

The leaves are going to turn orange one way or the other. The Earth will continue spinning and fall will show up, welcome or not.

And this is common sense. We deal with the turn of the seasons because we know that they are inevitable. We learn to find happy moments in the midst of fall, such as a school dance, and cherish them in our hearts.

Whether it's cloudy out or not, we must ensure that it is always sunny inside ourselves.

When other, not so simple changes occur, it can be hard to have this positive mindset. But remember, whether or not something is hard literally doesn't matter. Putting these kinds of labels on things is as effective as saying cake is hard to make in an attempt to make it less tasty. The cake is still a dessert, regardless of what we think of it.

As we can see from these examples, the seasons continue on their way and cakes keep being cakes. These two have strong wits and they don't care what others think of them.

That's what we can do, and should do, too.

We must accept the uncontrollable changes in our lives, we need them to continue evolving.

But we need not let them push us around. We are survivors! Keep pushing through, regardless of what difficulty you are facing. Because you have gotten this far, and you will continue to get even farther.

Change is important, but ultimately it comes down to you. It can be fall or it can be summer, you can be eating your cake or not, regardless, they should help you grow and learn lessons, but inside, the flame that keeps your fire burning is eternal.

Keep your flame alive.

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