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What is Nuna Companion?

By Ava Kesler

Nuna: Mental Health Companion is an app that aims to improve mental health. It consists of features such as an AI chat, a journal, a mood tracker, and a toolbox of helpful tips regarding stress-management. It does all this while featuring its mascot, an adorable little alpaca. The "Alpaca Coach," Nuna, symbolizes the calming, relieving meaning behind alpacas in general. The tips that Nuna provides come from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which encourages improving one's way of thinking as well as behaviors to help you feel better. Through the app's features, you find yourself becoming more self-aware of your weaknesses and learn how to improve your mood.

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The AI chat is a unique feature that prompts the user with questions regarding their day. You get the chance to vent out anything that you feel like saying. The AI then detects key words in your response, and provides an answer that prompts you to help improve any struggles. The chat also occasionally throws in facts to help validate your feelings.

For example, if you type that you are tired lately, then the chat will respond by asking you about your sleeping schedule, thus prompting you to improve your health.


Nuna Companion has a section for journaling. It automatically organizes your notes by date, making for easy writing. It also provides prompts to help guide your journaling if you're not sure where to start. The app doesn't do anything with this information, allowing you to write freely about however you may be feeling.


The insights section has various expressions (happy face to sad face etc.) that you can select to represent your current mood. The app then automatically creates graphs to demonstrate how your mood changes over time.

This lets you have more insight into how you're feeling. Becoming aware of your feelings is the first step towards improving them.


The toolbox feature on Nuna Companion has quick articles to help you improve your mental health. Sorted by problem, such as anxiety, anger, or sadness, you can find helpful suggested mindsets, as well as features such as calming music.


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