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The Real Danger of Social Media

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By Ava Kesler

No this article is not about creepy men stalking people on Instagram. This is about what I have seen happen to so many people, something more sly, something without warning signs, and something that leaves a scar on the heart.

You can be anyone you want to be on social media. Pictures, comments, and followers are all superficial coverups.

The worst part of it is that dm's are incredibly easy to send and read.

When you read a dm, the voice in your head reads all of them in the same voice. The intonations are completely up to the reader. You can warp what they say to fit your perception of them, even if this is not who they truly are.

This becomes dangerous when you start giving away your heart to these people.

You can never truly understand someone or get to know them unless you meet up in person. Then the extra danger is that they really are some creepy old man. But in most cases, you might have seen this person once or twice, in the hallways at school for example, or through a common friend. So, naturally, you assume that it's ok.

But let me tell you, no matter how many adorable dm's or FaceTime calls you might have had together, nothing at all will give you a good picture of the person until you actually talk to them in person.

However, a one-time conversation in person, even if it's all day, still cannot give you the full picture.

It takes months to fully get to know someone.

And it's necessary to have these months without any serious emotional commitment before you decide to become attached to them. It's so easy for you to think they are everything, but you really won't know until you actually spend time with them, in groups, one on one, in daily settings, overall in a variety of scenarios.

More articles to come on this topic, but for now, be wary of who you give your heart to online, for often things may be very different in person in the long run.


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