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My Progression Through the Pandemic: A Chance to Improve

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

HEY there! I am so proud to be here today and share my experience with the lockdown, quarantine, and online classes as a high school student.


First of all, I am so thankful that I got through this stage of life and I am okay.

Second thing is that I am so happy that this period of my life has REALLY changed me and has given me so many new chances to accomplish things I've never expected to accomplish because I have had more free time than ever before.

To be honest, keeping up with my school work and studying was very hard for me, because no matter how good my online classes were, it was so challenging to cope with the homework and everything because it was the first time I took online courses. To make the whole situation even more complicated, my mental health got so much worse during some of the weeks in quarantine.

But as the days passed by, I noticed that I was becoming more productive and more motivated for almost all my online classes.

I started pulling all-nighters even though I had no finals and I had the chance to work on more free homework and practice more, improving my skills. I also never gave up on participating in class and being active.

Not only this, but I had the opportunity to learn how to work and study alone and plan more efficiently. (I never stopped making to-do lists even during quarantine days spent at home.)

This stage of life also made me read more books and articles, which improved my mental health and my communication skills.

But I WILL NEVER DENY that every single student who has persevered has certainly faced many problems related to mental health, studying, or lack of focus or of productivity.

But for me, it was an irreplaceable chance to make real PROGRESS.

I hope everybody is staying safe and doing great, and I truly hope that my story will please and inspire many of you to keep pushing and improve!


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