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How to Deal with Procrastination

By Ava Kesler

Procrastination definitely gets the best of us. While there are certain times when a little break is necessary and healthy, we all know that sometimes we let this little break get out of hand.

The best way you can avoid procrastination is to truly enjoy the process.

While there are tons of methods to improve productivity and time management, the most effective long-term one is to simply enjoy what you're doing.

You can try strategies that involve setting a timer to work and rest, or treating yourself to a sweet after finishing an assignment, and all of these are good in their own ways.

I definitely suggest trying these out if you're just in one of those lazy moods here and there.

But ultimately, if you keep using these methods repeatedly in one sitting, it can actually have negative impacts on your mood.

If you really want to be able to just sit down and study, then you have to actually be in the mood to study.

If this just seems impossible, I suggest you take a nap.

Otherwise, or after your nap, try to look at the situation under a positive light.

Remind yourself of why you're doing this, such as to get good grades and into the college of your choice.

If the topic is particularly tricky or unpleasant, try appreciating the process. Think of what you've been doing in the class, and how you can change certain aspects of your study methods to make it more enjoyable.

Overall, the best thing you can do is remind yourself whenever you feel the least bit unmotivated, that there are positive things within the task. You just have to find them.


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