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Steps to Cracking Competitive Exams

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Hi! Here are some tips regarding competitive exams and methods to crack them!

By: Studyconcpt

Basic Points to Remember When Taking Competitive Exams:

The first step to preparing for any competitive examination is to understand the prerequisites for the examination.

Thoroughly scan through the syllabus of the exam.

Take note of the weightage of various subjects, so that you can plan your preparation accordingly.

Scan through a few previous years' papers to get an idea of the exam pattern.

4 Steps to Preparation

1. Make a Schedule

Set realistic goals that you can achieve (neither too low nor too high).

Block your study hours during times of the day when you think you are the most productive and capable of focusing.

Block more time for the more difficult subjects.

Do not block endless study hours, block some time for short breaks and refreshments in between.

2. Focus on Understanding

Focus on understanding the concepts during your preparation. Do not adopt rote learning techniques.

Truly understanding helps you remember the concepts for a very long period of time. With a clear understanding of the concepts, you can comfortably handle questions related to those concepts.

You can also create memory tips/notes or interesting acronyms to remember formulas, equations, or difficult terminologies.

You should always take your own summarizing short notes, as they are very important when it comes time for studying a few days before the exam.

3. Self Evaluation

Studying alone doesn’t make your preparation complete. You must evaluate yourself time-to-time for an effective preparation, such as writing sample papers for the competitive exam you are preparing for.

Sample papers help you to gain confidence and also help you to get used to writing exams. They also helps you come up with your own strategy for tackling the questions.

Some points to be remembered during self evaluating are as follows:

Set up an exam-like environment and attempt the sample paper within the required amount of time without taking breaks.

Evaluate and analyze your answer sheet well. Quickly scan through the questions for which you got incorrect or couldn’t answer. Do not forget to revise those topics quickly and understand what you did wrong.

Check your speed and accuracy while writing sample papers.

Avoid guesswork if you get counted off for wrong answers in the competitive exam you are preparing for.

4. Say Confident

The last step is to believe in yourself and in your preparation. Don’t look around, just concentrate on your own methods and studying.

Belief is a very powerful tool. You must believe in yourself and your preparation.

Ensure that you study the same way throughout the year so you develop good habits and have a solid method down before you get busy just before the test.

To avoid last minute rush and stress, spend 10-15 minutes studying every night before going to sleep.

A bit of physical activity and meditation helps improve concentration.

Try to limit stress as much as possible during the entire preparation time. Stay away from stressful people, they will only make things harder.

Each and every moment you must tell yourself “I Can, I Will” and trust me you will do it!

So believe in yourself . . . and YOU CAN DO IT. BEST OF LUCK! I hope you liked the article, please share feedback at @STUDYCONCPT on Instagram.


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