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How to Get Back into Study Mode after Break

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

After a long spring break, it can be hard to jump right into the long demands that school brings. Here are some short and sweet tips that will help you reset and prepare for the coming months towards exams.

By Ava Kesler

1. Get a nice long sleep.

After a fun break where you were probably staying up late, it’s important that you reset your clock by going to sleep early once school starts. Besides the obvious reasoning that you’ll be more on top of your game, this is also important in ensuring you aren’t an emotional mess when it comes time to study on a deadline. You'll be much more clear-headed and on top of your game for school work.

2. Make a long term to-do list

Before school starts, I suggest making a to-do list for each class to get yourself back into the mindset of school. This could be very vague such as:

Chemistry notes and vocab

History practice tests

Computer daily lessons

This way as you get all the usual assignments thrown at you during the week after break, it won't be as overwhelming, since you will have this list as the guiding force.

3. Give yourself relaxation time

It would be very hard to just jump right into full-out study mode. Set aside a good 30 minutes just to relax and have leisure time. This way you are giving yourself a smooth transition from break to school, thus ensuring a much more productive time studying.


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