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Dealing With AP Stress

By Ava Kesler

Feeling worried about future tests is completely normal and to be expected. Some of us worry about tests more than others, but we all can relate to the jitters before a test. In this article, I will be exploring anxiety you might feel even months before an exam. This is perfect for anyone who is preparing for their AP exams now.

1. you should be proud that you’re anxious

Ironic isn’t it?

But if you’re feeling anxious right now, months ahead of time, that means you’re taking things very seriously.

Yes, these tests are hard. Yes, these tests are important. Yes, your results will only serve a small fraction of your overall college application.

But they still matter.

2. don't think about anything unnecessary

You have to study and take a test that verifies you studied. That's it.

All this extra talk about if it's a hard class, if you like the teacher, if the material is boring, if you like the test date... all of that is just adding extra thoughts that are inevitably going to worry you.

Right now, all that matters is that you memorize the facts and the strategies.

Getting caught up in all the extra thoughts and concerns surrounding the exam is not going to help you study.

Focus on the task ahead. Right now that could be finishing the assignment for the class, reading a page in your review book, or taking a practice test, for example.

3. put your anxious energy into being productive

If you're going to feel anxious, you might as well get into the habit of putting that energy into studying. Usually we want to resort to Instagram to distract ourselves from the intimidating exams, but this gets us nowhere. It only puts you behind schedule, and makes you even more stressed.

The only way to calm the concerns you may have about not doing well, is to take action in order to do well.

This sounds so obvious and simple that it's kind of annoying, but it really is the only way.


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