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Why is His SnapScore Increasing

By Ava Kesler

So you got his snap. This feels like an achievement all on its own. You do your hair and makeup, get the best lighting, and take 50 pictures to finally get the perfect snap of a selfie. I get this. This is hardcore the "talking" or "talking hopefully soon" phase of a relationship. Kudos to you for working for it.

Ya'll exchange snaps maybe 3 times, when suddenly the delivered never changes to opened. Hours pass. Maybe he's busy? Probably I mean he's so busy at the gym and stuff.

Here's the optimal rule: 3 strikes you're out.

There are so many times when I gave him excuses. So many moments where I forgave him. And some of these he deserved forgiveness. Sometimes they were legitimate excuses.

But when these excuses start dragging down your mood, making you question everything, then there's a problem. It's not fair to jump to conclusions. You should give others a chance to explain.

The problem is when it interferes with your mental health. If you notice yourself becoming quiet, sad, or moody when he leaves you on read or delivered, then clearly, even with an excuse, it's just not working for you.

And that's what matters most. Even if the excuse is true, if it's not making you happy to talk to this guy, then why would you?

You should never feel obligated or forced to talk to a guy. You should talk to a guy, as to anyone, just because they make you happy and you enjoy talking to them.

So if his snapscore goes up, and it's not because of you, then consider distancing your. heart from him. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.


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