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Time Management Tool: The Priority Matrix

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By: Creating Plans

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have it all? They are always on top of every assignment or any work given to them.

They have only one secret – prioritizing.

An easy and proven prioritizing method is the Priority Matrix. When we use this matrix, we schedule tasks as ‘Important’ or ‘Urgent’ or a combination of both.

Tasks that are both important and urgent are to be given highest preference while working, since they have to be finished within a given time frame and you might face consequences for non-completion.

Tasks that are important but not urgent are to be tackled next. This is next because even though they are important, there is no immediate deadline looming.

Tasks that are urgent but not important are to be done last in this list. Since such tasks are urgent, they have to be done, but only as and when time permits because they carry low importance. It is better to delegate such tasks.

Tasks that are neither urgent nor important should be completely avoided. Such tasks do not add any value to you and are best ignored.

Putting down all your tasks in a matrix format and to segregate and prioritize will help you in managing your time better and ensure that you stay ahead of your tasks.

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