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The Value of Hard Work

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By Ava Kesler

We all get a little tired and begin questioning our purpose every once in a while. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the assignments and expectations thrown at us. But this feeling is all in your head, and as soon as you realize that, you will see how your life will change for the better!

School is definitely a lot. We've got to deal with homework, extracurriculars, school clubs, friendships, drama, relationships, parents, chores, and more. There is no denying this, and there is no reason to, really. It is perfectly ok to understand that you have a lot of work... but there is no reason why this should be a negative thing.

There is no logic in wanting a perfect life, with all of the things you want, both materialistic and not, but not doing anything to get them. If you want to get that goal, you have to work for it.

The only thing that usually pushes us back is our mindset. How often have you finished an assignment you dreaded, only to realize that it really wasn't that bad? Oftentimes we find that words like "essay" or "exam" have an intimidating impact on our souls, and leave us trembling and dreading the day they come. However, words like "quiz" or "3 paragraphs" often leave us feeling pretty neutral. So does that mean that we don't care about that quiz or small writing? No of course not! Every assignment counts, and while each takes different amounts of time, we should be treating each with the same level of care and effort.

Because THAT'S what really matters. We can spend all the time in the world staring at an assignment, but if we don't actually put in the work to process the information and do it to the best of our ability, then what are we actually doing? Wasting time, that's what.

Every single thing, no matter how stupid it may seem at first glance, is important. For one reason or another, everything has an impact on you and your journey in reaching that goal of yours. So don't stop pushing at it.

No doubt hurdles and hardships will come. But that is just more reason to keep working hard.

Working hard means when you reach a hard math problem, not giving up. It means that you look back over your notes, textbook, and Internet for explanations.

Working hard means that a bad test score doesn't make you drop out of the class. It means that you actually reevaluate yourself and see ways to improve, and actually apply those methods.

Working hard means choosing when to study and when to browse social media. It means making the harder choices and having self control to do what is best for you.

It means that you completely immerse yourself into your tasks, whether that be a sport or a class, it surrounds your thoughts and you give it all your energy.

It means that the sharks that pull you down aren't enough to prevent you from keeping your head above the water.

So keep at it, and never give up on your goal. You are a beautiful creation, capable of much more than you realize. So stop fussing over the "what ifs" and get up and do what you need to do!

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