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The Power of Getting Started

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By Ava Kesler

We are often weighed down by the pressure to finish everything. Deadlines, meetings, chores, they all take their tole. Sometimes it can feel like a weight on your shoulders that you just can't shake off. However, once you realize you're spending more time thinking about the things that you have to do, instead of actually doing them, you will soon see how much easier your life will be.

What Holds Us Back

Nothing in life is ever as hard as we make it seem at first. It all depends on our perception.

You might yearn for the time when you were 9, and all you had to do was learn your times tables. But in reality, that 9 year old was just as upset at having to work as you are now. Even though the work level is different, it is technically the same in relation to each corresponding age group.

Looking at our daily agenda is really the most stressful part of the whole experience. Once you're actually in the zone working, you forget about the context, and you just focus on the task at hand.

However, before this, with all the empty checkboxes just waiting to be filled, it can be hard to take that first step. The uncertainty gets to us, so we try to create reasons why we shouldn't even bother, which just builds an endless cycle of torment.

How to Get Started

So the key is obviously to just get going, but how exactly do you do this?

It's simple!

Choose a task that's bothering you. It doesn't matter which one. At this point, something as simple as making your bed is useful to relieve your stress.

Then take a step by step approach. Don't get caught up in the complexities. Just read or do one thing at a time. Word by word.

Even if this takes you longer, it's better than anxiously cramming everything at the last minute, when the clock is actually forcing you to work.

So take that power into your own hands. You don't need some clock to force you to work.

Understand that there is value in having the discipline to work, all by yourself. This is especially true when things in life don't have explicit deadlines, but are still just as crucial to finish.

Once you've taken that initiative to begin, you're practically finished. All that remains is to persevere. But this proves to be easy, because you're already on a roll from starting the tasks.

So just stop thinking so much and just start doing it.

You'll find that simply starting, is almost as relieving as finishing!

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