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Spring Break Ideas for Teens

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By Ava Kesler

Whether you're already on break or looking forward to it soon, here are some ways to make the most of your spring break. I'll be going over everything from fun and friends to exams and school.

We all know the obvious things to do during break, but here I will be sharing specific ways to do things such as "hang out with friends," a common piece of advice on how to spend your spring break. Keep reading to see ideas and inspiration on what exactly you can do with friends to have a good time, and more.


  1. Make a beach day

  2. See a movie

  3. Go to a local coffee shop

  4. Go window shopping

  5. Have a self-care night with face masks

  6. Have brunch with a friend group

  7. Go dress shopping just for fun

  8. Check out local tourist spots

  9. Have an adventure day and explore the city

  10. Go to the mall


  1. Make a study plan/schedule for your upcoming exams

  2. Reorganize your backpack and past papers

  3. Make goals for yourself

  4. Organize your home study space

  5. Shop or DIY new ways to organize school supplies and notes

  6. Prepare for the next units you will be covering after break

  7. Review previous units by making a rough outline of topics studied

  8. Research colleges or job/research opportunities

  9. Get stocked up on materials such as paper and pens

  10. Find review materials like books and websites for the courses you're taking


  1. Take a long nap

  2. Eat healthy

  3. Exercise

  4. Try new skin care

  5. Clean out your room

  6. Rearrange your room

  7. Find a book to read just for fun

  8. Binge watch a new show

  9. Take a nap again

  10. Sleep in


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