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Online School During Summer

By Ava Kesler

As I am taking my online classes this summer, here are some helpful tips I've come up with to help you out with your own online studying.

Make a Schedule

A schedule is the only way you're going to finish this class. If we don't have dates and deadlines, we will keep dragging things out for forever. Using a planner or an online calendar to map out when you want to have each lesson finished is a great way to stay organized. Leave wiggle room for time to rest. After all, it is summer and you shouldn't feel overwhelmed with school for at least these few months.

Set Aside a Designated Hour

Personally, having an exact time to study is stressful. I anticipate that hour all day and find it difficult to make my summer activities work around it. Ensuring that you spend at least an hour or so studying can be an efficient as well as low-stress way to stay on top of your schedule.

Be in the Mindset That You're in Class

Taking any kind of online class is difficult in itself. Try setting up your environment so that you feel more like you're in a classroom. You can put your phone away, organize your workspace, and study in a cafe for example. Take notes as if you're in class too. This will help you mimic habits that you have during the school year to better ensure you retain the information.

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