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Make the Most of the Last Half of Summer

By Ava Kesler

Half of summer has already escaped us at this point. In our newly digital age, it is so easy to have spent this time just online on social media. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, we still need in-person communication and relaxation to make the most of summer.

Reach out to friends

Get together with friends and just enjoy the freedom of summer. Making memories like these will become so important as time goes on. Even if you don't become best friends or continue hanging out, every experience will become a lovely cherished time as school approaches.

Make a summer bucket list

Find things you want to get finished before summer ends. This could be school related, such as summer work or college applications, or fun focused, like camping or having a beach day.

Try something new

Summer provides us with more time than usual, so make use of it by trying new things. Even if you end up not sticking with a new activity, it could still be enjoyable and open up your eyes to new cultures and ways of life.


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