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Living in Uncertainty

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By Ava Kesler

In light of current events in Ukraine, many of us now realize how fortunate our lives have been. As a generation, we have faced relatively little conflict until COVID, and the fighting in Ukraine is something that can easily scare many of us who are unused to such issues.

I hope that all the European readers of MyMindsMap especially are safe and doing well.

Right now it is normal for anyone to feel worried about the future. But in times like these, when we have so many questions, we might as well look for answers.

My main advice would be to do your research. Through reading articles and watching the news, we can gain a better understanding of the issue. In turn, we not only become calmer, but we also gain the ability to have an opinion that is well-founded.

A dangerous thing is to be ignorant.

When this happens, people can easily persuade you to think one way or the other, sometimes in an unjust way.

In the current digital age, educating yourself on the conflict is easily doable.

I encourage all of you to read more on the conflict as it develops, and even into some of the history of the two nations. This is in the hopes of you gaining a better understanding when discussing it with peers, and just for yourself to know. It is always beneficial to have a wider understanding of the world around you.

When discussing the issue with others, try to stray away from immediately turning down their points. Disagreement is part of growth, and the least you could do, even if you completely feel against their argument, is to give them the respect of listening to them.

As the conflict progresses, consider ways you can help your community with the impacts. Of course, this depends on where you live, but it could be as simple as summarizing your research on the history or conflict in little pamphlets, or making cards or cookies for the families you may know who were more directly impacted or have family involved.

Once again, I hope that you all stay safe. Keep learning.


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