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How to Overcome Self-Doubt

By Ava Kesler

Doubt is a dangerous thing. It's like if you had someone negative in your life following you around repeating how you can't do it.

Doubt usually comes with a goal. We decide on something we want, or something new is coming up, and all the things that could go wrong start flooding our brains.

When you're working for a longterm goal, doubt is going to push you down. You need to repeat to yourself that you are capable. Daily reminders like these are super helpful. They help quiet down the doubt, as your mind is busier thinking about how you will succeed.

When doubt attacks right before a big moment, like a test, you need to take a couple deep breaths. Remember, you got this.

Preparation is key. Doubts can be pushed away the more and more you practice. Actually doing something and failing is better than doing nothing because you are afraid of failing.

There is always room for growth in life. Whatever your goal may be, you can always grow to reach it. If you are doubting yourself the whole time, you prevent this growth from occurring.

It's hard to get rid of doubt. Our insecurities can sometimes be strongly engrained in us. But understanding that doubt needs to go is the first step towards making this progress.


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