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How to Not Burn Out While Studying

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By: Ava Kesler and Dearangels

1. Split up your study sessions into a few instead of having one long one. When you have short study sessions, your level of concentration is at its maximum, which means you will be more productive and focused. Compared to long study sessions, which will be effective at the beginning (first hour or so), but your level of focus will keep declining, which makes the last part of your long study session ineffective in your learning.

Recommended: 30 minutes of study and 5 minutes break / 1 hour of study and 10 minutes break

2. During your study sessions, focus on what you are doing instead of stressing out about how much you have to complete. It will only make you worry and disturb your focus during the study session itself. For instance, when you're at a party, you're not thinking about what time it is or how much you've talked and if you have to talk more etc. (and if you are, then it's not a fun party). Same with homework. You can't just spend the whole time thinking about if you're writing fast enough or if you have paced yourself correctly or not. When you start homework, you just have to get going and don't stop to think about the whole process. Just focus on the material itself, try memorizing your lessons and worry about the pacing and efficiency later, once you have a moment to reflect on your study habits.

3. Have snacks / drinks during your break time or munch on something while you study. This can increase your energy level so you will not feel so tired during your study session.

Examples: Fruits, nuts, water, coffee

4. Never let distractions get in your way. Put away what distracts you and focus on your tasks. You don't want to find that nighttime has arrived and you didn't finish your homework only because you couldn't stop checking social media. And besides, you will not be nearly as satisfied after spending hours online as you would after finishing your homework. The hard part is that we feel like we are missing out on whatever we are not looking at on social media. But the truth is we are actually hurting ourselves more by staying up to date on the latest trends, because in the end all the viral videos won't really matter, but your grades will continue to affect you. It is only logical therefore, to muster the self-discipline to put your phone away, lock it in a drawer or another room, and if you are really that worried you can always text your close friends that you won't be with your phone for a while. And don't be sad if you do this, you'll actually find that you will be able to finish everything faster without your phone's distractions, and as a result, will be much happier when checking social media afterwards because you will have nothing weighing you down.

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