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How to Have a Productive Fall Break

By Ava Kesler

Fall break is the best time to reset before the hustle bustle season of Christmas. To make the most of it, here are 3 of the main ways you can choose to spend your break and how to achieve them.

Set Goals

How you spend your break depends on your goals.

reorganize desk

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prepare for exams

  1. make a list of all your classes

  2. make a sublist of all topics you can expect to be on your exam

  3. determine what resources you will use to study

  4. plan how you will study and practice

  5. set a study schedule to stay productive on your own

relax and rebuild

  1. sleep

  2. watch movies

  3. explore hobbies like reading and baking

  4. sleep some more

  5. have a spa day


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