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Finding your Happy Hobby

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

A Happy Hobby is a great asset for anyone to have. It will help you refresh and relax, setting yourself up for success. After completing it, you will be ready to face all of your responsibilities in one breath.

By: Ava Kesler

We all get in the slumps sometimes, when we are unable to find the motivation to get anything done. This hurts our mood, and our productivity, so here are a few steps to finding your Happy Hobby, a simple activity that will always leave you feeling fresh and satisfied.

1. Identify Your Hobbies

Spend some "me time" to figure out what you like to do for fun. In this case, it should be something you can do at any time of the day or year.

So, make a list of the top things you enjoy doing, and that make you feel refreshed afterwards. If you can't come up with any, just think about your day, and what you do in your free time. This could be baking, stretching, drawing, or swimming.

2. Determine Your Mood

Now that you have the list, think about when you like to do them. For example, do you like to go swimming as soon as you wake up, or after a long day to unwind? Or maybe you love drawing, but hate it when you're tired and sleepy.

Remember, we are looking for a hobby to cheer you up after lack of motivation, not to make you exhausted and worn out.

But everyone is different. Some might need intense concentration rounds, while others might look for something easy and mindless to set them back on track to productivity. It is important to get in touch with yourself. This might take some time, so when you next feel in the slumps, just take a quick moment to really think about how you are feeling, and keep it in mind during the next step.

3. Choose Your Happy Hobby

Even though you have a list of your favorite hobbies, not all of them may be appropriate for giving yourself an extra boost of motivation.

A simple way to do determine which should be deemed your Happy Hobby is to correlate vibes with each hobby. These vibes will give you an idea of whether you will have any motivation to do them when you're in the slumps.

Some vibes to look for are, obviously, positive ones. But also look for minimal effort, remember, this is the hobby you will be doing when you don't feel like doing anything.

It has to be something that you can just get up and do on the spot, and that will make you feel happy afterwards.

Everyone is different, so just take some time to figure this out for yourself.

4. Keep an Open Mind

Now that you've categorized your feelings and hobbies, you are essentially done. But, like always, there are some exceptions.

In short, sometimes you just need to take a nap. Everyday will be different, and when it feels difficult to get down to business, you may just be sleep deprived.

Always keep an open mind towards napping. Sleeping is the best rejuvenation you can give yourself, and it will truly help you feel better.

When we don't have much free time or when we are super energetic, carrying out the Happy Hobby is the way to go. But naps and efforts to go to bed earlier should always be considered, and when possible, carried out.

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